Our history


Paulus-master bows have already been produced by four generations of the family until now. In 1923 the family-owned company was founded by Otto Paulus. He was born in 1891 in Markneukirchen, the home of the music instrument manufacturing. Otto Paulus was fascinated by this tradition so he learned the profession of a bowyer from bowyer master Mönnig. Within six years he aquired a good and precious knowledge from August Rau.
In the year 1923 he founded his own company and received his master craftsman
certificate in 1948.

He passed on his great experience and love for this profession to his son Johannes O. Paulus who learned the bowyer handcraft from Adolf C. Schuster in Markneukirchen and who graduated successfully from master school in 1950.
Johannes O. Paulus took over the workshop of his master and kept it running until old age. He retired at a age of 78 but nothing could hold him back from coming back to the workshop of his son Günter A. Paulus every now and then to see how things are going and to set his hand to something here and there.

At a early age, Günter A. Paulus discovered his love for the profession of a bowyer, as he was led and qualified by his father. He received his master craftsman certificate in 1972 and kept on working in the workshop of his father until 1973,
when he founded his own company.
Jens Paulus was born in 1970. He also learned the profession of a bowyer. He apprenticed to his father and graduated the examination for the master's certificate in 1992.
Since January 2000 Günter A. Paulus and Jens Paulus both run their workshop together.

Every bow gets adjusted strictly to the demands of the individual musician and to the requirements for the practical performance, by using highest perfection, artistical sensitivity and the
right sense of personality.

In 2006 Günter A. Paulus passed away.
Since then, Jens Paulus continued the familiy business, by now in forth generation.